Autumn, That Bastard

“Savour the warmth, for winter is expected to come.”
From When Winter Is Expected

The season just after the warm embrace of summer.
The season where animals start to hibernate, preparing for the harshness of winter.
Where death falls from the very green that once wrestled above us in the canopy, as birds are left exposed on barren trees.
We don’t dread the Autumn. It’s always expected.

I have been conceptualising ‘Autumn, That Bastard’ since the beginning of 2017. Originally titled ‘The Autumn Collection’, ‘Autumn, That Bastard’ is my first publicly posted poetry collection! I explore experiences of anxiety linked to the season Autumn. The feelings of expecting a loss, a period of waiting and the heartache of being disillusioned are just some of the ideas I capture within theses poems. There will be 13 poems in this collection!

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These Poems include: