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Dungeon Mastering

Currently, I Dungeon Master two games, all set within my own homebrew world of Illiam.

My regular homebrew game is on Obsidian Portal Page.

M.M Player Characters:

From Left to right: Avon, Breadgar of House Illegal, Drukkor of the Cimbriosa, Ko’viel Vaandir, Bruce (Speech Bubble), Gar and Fenrir Damakos (Phenrir Vamatos)

Previous characters have included Logos [Recurring], Arthur Edridge [Few sessions] and Artemis [Heavily Injured, NPC, not pictured].

Oneshot Campaigns

One Shots I have run for different groups set in the world of Illiam I have created. I have run these games for pay, run these for groups of friends and also have run these during Extra Life, a charity event to raise funds.

Low Desert Sun

You are a wondering in the desert at night near the expansive and vast city of Boullini towards the centre. The low desert sun is upon you, often associated with myths of rebirth, gnoll’s hunting and stories to scare children from wondering into the desert. A stray firework catches your attention… one used as a plea for help.

Roots of Progress

You are a part of a group of rebels in Hexania, The Clock Work Forest. At the city’s core, is the pursuit of progress away from restrictive tradition. The Archul Domion of Summer Elves has always detested this notion and have launched an invasion. Your group is tasked to go to Stargal Reserve and unlock the “essence of Hexania” to save the city from the invasion and eventual oppression.

Left to Dream

You are a member of the Collaterviri Visage, a Private Investigator Group for Magic. This is set in the Dominion of Archul where Magic is tightly regulated. A group of adventurers from a group that help people with their magical problems away from Archul oversight are called to an elven township by Constance Lovegood who has reported their daughter is experiencing magical issues.

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My Player Characters

I play two different characters in my friends campaigns.

Obara Imbra, an egotistical, privileged and charismatic Half High-Elf and Drow Sorcerer who comes from a noble background. She has learnt that her grandfather was a blood-mage who saved her city from the underdark. After an encounter in a graveyard where her blood-magic powers awakened, Obara set out to separate herself from the Imbra name by any means necessary.

Ann’lyse De’von, a mother, a wife, a blacksmith but more importantly a fighter. She lived most her life in the big human city of Calem, until she moved to the country side with her husband to start a family. One night, her village was attacked by Orcs and the last thing she remembers is her husband and daughter being dragged away, as she laid under the rubble of a broken building. After awakening the day after, Ann’lyse has stopped at nothing, tearing down whoever is in her path filled with rage, so she can bring her family home, or die trying.

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