Dear Gladys

By Christos Floratos

I write poetry when I am distressed,

But I have no flowery words for you.

My friends are killing themselves each night.

My clients are hungry for your “Best Health Advice.”

2 weeks are all it should have took – I can’t wait for my first zoom funeral.

You have ruined my town, my state, my country.

Women can only whisper so loud over the phone.

If we are Australian, we should all rejoice for we

had 18 months to prepare, lucky ScuMo got his jab.

Bring in the military, bring them all.

Gun down the ethnics and the poor.

You might thank the community, but they aren’t thanking you.

Taking a stroll at Bondi is quite pleasant this time of year.

My Nieces don’t know when they can afford rent again.

One day, I will see my partner again –

Perhaps by 2022? Can I just say,

I hope Common Sense follows you and Hazard

to your limo, your next birthday party.

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