The Walking Dead – Season 9×9 “Adaptation” Discussion

The Walking Dead Season 9 is back on and this time around we’re starting to unmask a new threat! This half-season premiere really highlights how well the show can take with it’s new ensemble-cast direction.


First, I want to talk about the relationship between Negan and Judith. Their dynamic further showed a glimpse into their respect and trust for one another. The show could have done the ‘bad-thing’ and made Negan a father figure, but we see that Judith and Negan see each-others as equals. At least Negan does. The gun-shot promise proved she is a ‘Lil Ass Kicker’!

Speaking off kicking ass, Daryl has surprisingly turned around for me as a character. He hasn’t been a character I’ve rooted for too much in the last few seasons (due to his story-line being very samey and his grunting-character in season 7) but this episode especially we saw him use his wits better. Michonne is right, he is a really good judge of character.

We saw this when he used Henry to get Lydia to open up. I like that rather than necessarily being a traditional mentor type character, Daryl is using Henry to get information out of this girl. Lydia was very adamant on her story, but as we see, it is indeed, a lie (shock).

“If you try anything, you won’t have to pretend”

Michonne, Season 9×9

I am a big fan of the Walking Dead women! Seeing Tara starting to step up after the sad death of Jesus gives her character which has been dormant previously some new ground to really work with. Can she really fill in the shoes of those who’ve come before her, like Maggie and Jesus?

Although Connie and Kelly were absent, the rest of Magna’s group really shone in their brief interactions. Luke being an almost nervous-wreck introducing himself was quite amusing and I love the ramblings of his character


Alpha’s first appearance was creepy, unsettling and even-though I knew it was coming, the way it happened as she walked like a walker, then stopped, and then the others appeared around her… it was unsettling and the show has really captured the potential of this new group of characters.

Just another note, the little remix of music when Negan was at his base really showcased the changes in Negan’s character. He’s not 100% yet (or will ever be), but he has done some thinking and soul-searching.

Thanks for checking out this little discussion. As you might see, this isn’t a review but rather me rambling about what I liked in the episode. It’s a way for both you and me to get some validation out of our thinking of the latest episode, or some new perspective. I’ll be doing this weekly for the remainder of The Walking Dead’s Season 9!

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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