Session 51 – The Winter Court

The Gang does the Nutbush

Previously on Milf$

After beating members of the radical magical group The New Frontier, the gang fled the wrath of Jaunt into the warm embrace of spectral glowing figure. The group awoke in a sunny field of blue and purple flowers, soon figuring out it was a stage-background. Killian of the Stage, a winter eladrin welcomed the group to the winter court of the Feywild, taking the group through the wintery fey towards a central location.

Killian took to the group to a large icy and dark castle, adorned by a runway of Hags standing like statues. When they arrived inside, they met a large figure with a long glowing blue and purple dress adorned by a black diamond, who Killian introduced as the Queen of Air and Darkness. The group was introduced as “Avon” and the rest. The queen announced that they would be tired and would need to rest, and would work for the queen now as there was nothing left In Boullini.  Behind the queen of air and darkness, to an open broken space behind them entered a large bear, named The one In the fjord. This turned-on Gar.

The hags outside turned into a group of Pegasus and took the group near their home. During the flight in a fairy-carriage, which Killian was awkwardly squished between, they heard a loud shriek with series of bright silver emitting from a central tower. The group figured this matched a spire in central Boullini. At the base of this spire was a platoon of Frost Giants.

The group became affected by some quirks. Breadgar can’t comprehend the number 11. Avon needs to collect stones before they go to sleep. Drukkor and Ko’viel can’t make eye contact with people. Gar has the insane urge to drink holy water. Bruce feels like they are able to speak with plants.

The group were taken to a location called “United foot work lodge” which would be similar to Sunder Arms Lodge (or Milf Money Mansion). Inside the building, it was simply a long corridor that exceeded the outside dimensions of the lodge on the outside, with three staircases going up and three going down. There was a long table inside the place. On the roof of the lodge was a flower arrangement, that detailed and was a flower artistic representation of mil money’s story to date.

The gang went upstairs and found that there was a single room for all of them to sleep in. Before they could actually sleep and long rest, a party started downstairs. At the head of the table, a Winter eladrin who was rag dolling was being controlled by the queen of air and darkness as a virtual mouthpiece. The elf-fey stabbed their hands into the icicle of their chairs as they announced the party began. The group ended up mingling. Gar attempted to approach the one in the fjord who was now a normal sized bear standing next to the mouthpiece. Avon attempted to help. Ko’viel drank their sorrows and approached by a winter eladrin named Richer Ree. Richer Ree then focused their attention at insulting the dragon borns, Breadgar and Drukkor. The argument escalated where attacks were thrown, but the queen of air and darkness held Richer Ree in the air and asked what punishment. The queen of air and darkness complied with their punishments, turning them into a dragonborn.

The party resumed thereafter, and the gang did the nut bush. Eventually, Ko’viel and Breadgar got tired and went upstairs. In their room, the window was open, and they heard a hoot. The one in the weald, the giant owl they came across in the sleepless jungle and who has encountered the group was there, offering milf money a way to leave. Eventually Gar came upstairs and went to find others. Breadgar pointed at Avon, who was outside collecting rocks. The one in the fjord was waiting in the darkness of the treeline. Drukkor was still mingling and Avon came in pulling him inside, causing a disturbance which caused all the fey wild party-goers to draw their attention to him.

The group came up stairs as the one in the weald created portal within their wings for the group to escape. Outside, the one in the fjord grew large and gargantuan shadowing the window. Killian lead the fey wild court up the stairs as a large group. Killian and the group turned shot out a volley of arrows as Avon and the rest fled through their portal, to an unknown place outside the icy walls into an ethereal snowy forest wonderland.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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