Toast’s Update – Shortlisted, Fundraiser and Articles!

Hi Friends, a few cool new things happening in the next month or so!

  • I’ve just been shortlisted for Penguin Random House Write It fellowship!!! I am submitting the full manuscript on the 20th of May! A big few weeks of writing and editing ahead. I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity!
  • From 23rd to the 26th of May, I will be doing a fundraiser called ‘Pen2Paper’ for Story factory where I will be raising $300 to help students gain access to the agency’s creative writing workshops! Support me here!
    I also have been interviewed by Arnold B. Spencer. It was great time and he asked some really interesting question. I talk about my poetry, Dungeons and Dragons and why I drink water while I write!
  • Autumn, That Bastard is almost complete! However, due to the intense editing I am doing both for the manuscript and university, I will be delaying the next few poems until end of May/beginning of April. Grey House will be released next week with an updated release schedule.
  • I have contributed and created an article about Writing Queer characters in the Writing Community Newsletter! Check it out here and subscribe to it!
  • I have just finished and sent off my article for D.I.R.G.Ezine. The zine will be ready for publication in the coming months so stay tuned!

Thank you to all of those who have kept up and been engaged with me throughout this time! May will be a slower month for content in terms of blog posts, but many big things are happening!

Stay awesome!

D.I.R.G.Ezine – Fanzine and Kickstarter I am now a part of!

Exciting news! I am now a part of a kickstarter for a fanzine about Diversity in Role-Playing Game Experiences (D.I.R.G.Ezine)!

The premise is that Role-playing games (such as DnD) have a fair portion of the community that is rather underrepresented in the hobby. The fanzine is aimed at showing off the talents of the different artists, writers and members of the diverse RPG community.

I am excited to be a part of such an opportunity to allow a hobby that I love to grow in a more inclusive way! I will be writing an article about the representation of gender and sexuality in the hobby, as both a game master and as a player.

The release is scheduled for July/August 2019.

If you would like to back the kickstarter or find out more about it, you can find a link to it here!

Presenting Themes in Dungeons and Dragons

One of my favourite things to do in Dungeons and Dragons is to imbue my homebrew world with real-world parallels. For example, the backstory to my continent of Illiam is that it was invaded by humans a long-time ago who basically colonised the continent. Hundreds of years later, the other races got sick and tired of this and pushed back the humans for the majority back to where they landed, which was Ericsa. After a while, all the races had to set aside their differences to face an even greater threat, a Shadow Dragon casting their dominion on the continent.

Allegorically speaking, this is a representation of colonisation and decolonisation practices. The uniting force, which is the Shadow Dragon, is meant to representation of acknowledging the past and working together with the resource that the city states now have.

But in terms of actual player experience, my home-game players have fought against a radical who attempted to change the foundation of the main religion in the biggest city. The main religion, was all about Progress and progress in the radical’s eyes came from tradition. One of the players had recently converted to this religion and became a cleric. The players had also met so many people already who identified as following the main religion. This is representative of what’s happening currently in our society.

Even if I don’t attempt to interweave themes seamlessly, it will always be a product and result of DnD as it is a living and breathing world. It is a story and stories have meaning. Themes and commentary in an RPG give that ‘oooohhh yeahhh’ moment where players can pinpoint and be like “oh boy that’s capitalism summed up” or “wait I know alot of tieflings, they aren’t all bad”. In my experience, integrating themes adds another layer of problem solving and enjoyment at the table.

DnD, like all stories, have some kind of underlying message. Giving thought to what themes you put in your world some thought may enhance the narrative experience as they go through the DnD story. Or like some great writers, winging it and developing it as it goes also works.

Just don’t J.K Rowling it please.

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