Session 72 – Take Me With You

Made with Ocean and Land: Morninggale’s First Impressions Previously on Milf$: After the memorial for Gar, the group spent the rest of the day cleaning the damage to MILF Money mansion. Twain summarised the damage to be at least 15,000 worth in gold including the burnt trees, damage with the hole in Petra’s room and stolen items. After… Continue reading Session 72 – Take Me With You

Session 71 – At What Cost For Gar Previously on Milf$: Gar awoke in an outcrop of the sleepless jungle, approached by two bears he recognized. They lick his face and walk past Gar to a stream teaming with fish. Meanwhile, in the Inner Sanctum… He finds out about remaining nobilitus ajant: He ushered out an order to all nobility… Continue reading Session 71 – At What Cost