Session 56 – The Death of Milf Money

The Gang’s Actions have Consequences

A Summertime Reunion

The Gang arrived back home, surprising the members of Sunder Arms Lodge who report the Saviours of Boullini had been missing for almost 2 years, thinking they died at the Amerea university. Juniper explained that she took point, leading the remaining members of Milf Money and restoring those who had perished, forming a group that helped deal with city problems, called “The New Milf Money”.

Bearmy was initially cautious of Gar at first before running into their arms. Petra explained that Hala and her broke Bearmy out of the circus who captured him shortly after Gar’s departure. The Circus has reinstated itself back in the scatter heights district with the “death of Gar”.  Drukkor approached Pyre who was sorting out the loot with Carl and Malvodo from their latest haul, learning Shurikan the brainwashed friend of the Cimbric was now in jail. Breadgar sat with Priscillia as they organized some business with Twain. Priscillia once again informed Breadgar to not trust Nobility Agents, noting it didn’t make sense she was alive. Ko’viel approached Juniper and Juniper said that they want to talk about it, but not ` right now as they are processing the return. Avonn approached their bird bath, presenting some of the seeds of summer, announcing Summer had returned to Boullini.

Martha with the assistance of Rai cooked up a feast for the party, and a celebratory feast happened. Juniper brought up an alcoholic concoction she called Fireball as Breadgar and Drukkor had a drinking contest investing a game called Beer Pong.  Avon animated the trees who, along with Bobo Nash, helped facilitate the rest of the party, as Gar did his best to disassociate from the two drunk dragonborns and Ko’viel was attempting to disassociate just generally. As the night closed, Drukkor and Breadgar spooned (Breadgar was little spoon) as Breadgar confided in not believing his mother was alive.

Over the next few days:

  • Gar approached Martha, giving her a sum of 10,000 Gold.
  • Breadgar received a letter from Augustus who stated that Breadgar’s death proved them to be ineligible to transfer business rights of Breadgar bakery and that Breadgar name was a copyrighted term of Breadgar’s baking Company and they would be forced to change the name. In Anger, Breadgar turned into a pterodactyl.
  • Petra approached Avon, asking if the stories about them were true, including that of the fey wild, noting that the stories persisted even after Avon faded away.
  • Teysa Karlov, leader of the Orzhov Bank and conduit of the Orzhov Ghosts, came to Sunder Arm Lodge to say hello to Gar and remind them of the business deal, including the tatoo on Gar’s back.
  • Drukkor went to visit the Cimbrics, but was stopped by a woman named Adara (Avon’s frenemy met during the Fey Wild), who made them remember everything about the Fey Wild (yes, including the meese and meese god). When Drukkor asked why, Adara simply said “You were there.” Instead of visiting the Cimbric Guild base, Drukkor went back and informed Avon.
  • Avon simply dismissed Drukkor, revealing that Adara might be playing long game and to keep the information to themselves, and not reveal to the others.
  • Avon and Drukkor awkwardly approached Juniper to ask for potions. During this convo, Juniper revealed that Nobglin (the goblin who helped turn Aristarn Fern into the bio-metal enahced wearwolf and helped with Natalthia’s transformation to a mechanical angel) and her had a functioning relationship at the moment.

At the end of the third day, they had been invited to attend the Leaders meeting for the Illiam League.

Pyramid in the Desert

The group arrived, seeing the council of leaders of Boullini

  • Justinian Fare (Chair Person, Leader of Justice)
  • Kiana Kalesbane (Leader of Magic, High Elf met at Skimberii)
  • Kapri Fillhorn (Leader of Military, Stout Halfling met early on, has T-rex animal companion
  • Braldian Ovverrin (Leader of Economics, met early on with Ruman Talhini, Dwarf)
  • Alonso Harehart (Leader of Foreign Affairs, advised Ko’viel on looking for Rai, sanctioned mission to the rests, Orc)
  • Ariel Hardy (Leader of Leisure (and secretly, Leader of Guilds), Dragonborn who wears a half mask)
  • Artisern Fern( Recently promoted leader of Spirituality, a Human werewolf met early on who used to lead the Followers of Imbris Yumen).

They first discussed what happened, but the group had very limited recollection but Drukkor lied through their teeth.

The second item was about the Pyramid of Bodies in the Aleo District with the Hedron. Various opinions were presented, with Ko’viel and Kapri Fillhorn adamant on having all of the new frontier members killed. Drukkor saw a peaceful resolution in mind, wanting to spare them and rehabilitate. Breadgar was stern on the fac they had killed his mother and they deserved earth. Eventually, a compromise arouse and it was decided the leaders of the New Frontier in the pyramid would be executed and the others would be restored and rehabilitated.

Key perspectives from the meeting were: Kapri wanting blanket execution, Kiana wanting to imprison them again, Ariel Hardy wanting them to fight in the arena for Leisure purposes, Aristern Fern wanting to keep the pyramid as a symbol of the people and Braldian who did not think it was appropriate that milf money decided.

As the meeting ended, Kapri stopped the group before going to the Aleo district to confront the nobility agents. Kapri apologized for their disagreements in years gone, citing it had been affecting them since their departure. Kapri affirmed that she knows they want what’s best for the city and knows their intentions. She also warned guards are  on high alert and the nobility agents have acted out of control and have ramped up their power. Similar to Priscillia, consistent with her mistrust in previous years, Kapri warned the group about the Nobility Agents.

Let Justice Reign

The group then followed the Political Escort to the Northern Aleo District where the pyramid of bodies were, just by the Hedron. The sight and smell this time around was too repulsive for Koviel and Breadgar initially. Justinian first beseeched the Nobility Agents, but it fell on deaf ears. Eventuially Breadgar took reign of the conversation, instructing the Nobility Agent. The nobility agent obeyed the commands swiftly, with their eye socket turning into multiple little eyes as another deep voice spoke through them, what they think was the voice of the being known as the “Infinite Gaze”. As the conversation ended Breadgar told Justinian that they would let justice reign. The leaders of sects of the new frontier were pulled from the Pyramid (including THormar, Callen, Rigor and other high ranking leaders) and shot, destroying their bodies. The rest would be sequentially removed from the pyramid, put in prison and hopefully, rehabilitated.

Kiana then met with them to take them to the Magic District to show them Brandle’s Refuge. Brandle’s Refuge was the site of of Milf Money’s death and the site of Brandle’s death, which was formerly the sight where Avon accessed the fey wild turned into a memorial site to Brandle from the Great Library of Vellin. After observing the memorial, Prospera dressed in all black outfit came to the site, scolding Milf Money for taking advantage of them including

  • Drukkor stealing classes
  • Drukkor and Bruce trick the enchantment with the name Ocean and making fake students
  • Ko’viel for declining assistance deciphering new frontier
  • Avon for killing Kel’ ( a gnome who did not like the fey wild) and their wife, forcing Kel to leave Boullini and lose a strong lead of magic.
  • Not supporting any mages in the invasion and capture of Balore’s horsemen (the group choose Kapri to capture isiant rather than, Brandle = Zatare, Prospera = Am’Rakfukula and Jessebelle = Misdreeksu.)

The ultimate decision was going with Avon’s advice and not with Prospera when she asked for you to come to her safe haven, which could have avoided deaths of those of her university. With that Prospera banned the group from the campus.

Kiana took the group afterwards to visit the “Saviors Institute for Displaced Children” which has now been relocated the magical children and renamed by Alluris (former founder of the new frontier along with Jaunt and Braxus). Mx. Alluris leads the school for the magically inclined young people. Alluris described they tried to stop Jaunt from entering but Jaunt broke through and found the groups magical essences and stored them in orbs, which the group can use to sleep with.

Braldian Ovverrin then guided the group through a toper trip to a new district being built up, propped with six statues… which turned out to be the recently believed deceased Saviors of Boullini. A portal set up in a guarded tent led the group back to Milf Money Mansion. The group had a series of task they wanted to do, but the day was over.

DnD – Session 50 – The New Frontier

Session 50 – The New Frontier

The gang gets hit by a meteor

Previously on MILF$

“I’d want a meteor to take me out too if I was called Shurikan” – Avon

Session 50 was spread over 3, 3- 4 hour sessions.

The gang had been invited to the Amerea Magic University by Prospera on the bequest of the Head Master, Prospera. Upon arrival, dodging the receptionist, Avon traversed the tower whispering in her ear, panicking the Powerful Wizard. When Avon revealed that there was meant to be a meeting, Prospera denied sending an invitation, citing that she was told under strict orders not to engage Milf Money.

When that was revealed, blue flames, signature branding of the new frontier, lit up around the walls of the district and throughout. Upon that mark signalled the new frontier, Prospera cast a spell of immense power, shaking the earth. A dome sprung around the district, blocking off incoming New Frontier Members and trapping everyone within the district. Prospera advised of a vault she was going to, but Avon heard a voice that urged the group to go towards the group to the Garden of Eternity that Brandle (one of the four options to assist in the battle against Balore, Head Libarian of the Library of Amera and former Head libarian at the Great Library of Vellin) and himself had visited.

The group choose Avon’s directions. They were caught out on the way by a bulette riding group of mages, along with New Frontier mages that had faced at the Hellenic compound. In the sky, they could see large blue flames wrap around the dome, with the leader of the Neh Wes Lionares, Jaunt the Havoc attempting to break through the dome. After a battle, Milf Money came out victorious and was traversed through a back way through residential and mercantile buildings of the district, assisting a woman along the way. When the group came to a place closer, they saw Brandle with his side burnt and singed.

Coming next to him was a member of the Cimbric who was a victim of the brainwashing by The New Frontier, Shurikan, Drukkor’s rival. Soon after hovered down a weakened Rigor Merios, the litch defeated only a few sessions ago, proclaiming himself as “the mouth piece of the Havoc”. A bolt of lightning struck the ground and appearing was Ko’viel’s former close friend, Thormar, vexed about their time spent in the magical prison for those affiliated with the new frontier. Stepping behind them, reluctantly, was the former orc Leader of the Hellenics, Agri Eon, who apologised to Milf Money, under a similar effect that Gerald (former servant of milf money) was under. Popping out of thin air with a trail of black and blue flowers, Callen, the Fey Hunter a part of the Sylvan Combine and who previously hunted Avon, appeared claiming that Avon was his to take out.

Brandle made eye contact with Avon and other members of Milf money before striking his staff down on the ground, sending out a pulsive wave of energy, flipping Rigor into the sky, and disturbing the other members, giving a chance for Milf Money to run. But they ran towards the garden, and Agri Eon did not take advantage of their escape. Throughout the chase, Agri Eon attempted to pull his punches while the other adversaries attempted to damage the group. Eventually they got the Garden, Agri Eon summoned a wall of stone and was knocked out by Thormar.

The group then had the opportunity to recuperate for a second, trying to figure out where to go, finding a black diamond. But soon, Thormar broke down a wall, staring the last fight between them. Agri Eon was on the floor, smoke coming from his back.

After a long battle, Jaunt, the Havoc, broke through the dome at the top sending arcane shards down that evaporated and turned to dust as they fell down. Jaunt came closer and closer, before hurdling a meteor down at the group, breaking the foliage and bush to reveal a woman in a glowing white aura. Soon, each member of Milf Money accepted the embrace of the white glow. Drukkor was sent, with a shroud of darkness being left behind. Breadgar was taken, with the ground being burnt with the mark of Illiam the windmill. Gar was taken with a bunch of fur being left behind, Bruce with some of their avatar magic. Ko’viel and Avon seemed unaffected.

They all fell to a deep sleep, awakening on a field of blue and purple flowers, with one stone tablet in front of them, that had the name “Avon” inscribed on it. It seemed to be a bright day. They could see people move in the distance and as they investigated the distance, they figured out the background was just a wall that did not extend. As they explored the outer edges of this wall, a door opened within it. Stepping out was a tall wintery Elf, a winter eladrin that introduced themselves as Killian of the Stage. The roof opened up, revealing a cold sky above, revealing a ivory spire in the distance. Killian revealed the queen of air and darkness was waiting for them.