Session 69 – What We’ve Become

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Previously on Milf$:

After staging an emergency and entering the inner sanctum, Tulamire welcomed the group noting he always foresaw the group arriving here. The group walked through the broken entrance of the Palace of Elders in Tulamire’s inner sanctum, littered with faded dwarven statues destroyed under rubble and crushed by earth. Drukkor did not notice any traps as they moved across to the other side, an uneven tunnel way.

The group all had flashes of visions of foes they have fought against prior:

  • Avon thought of Adara, Borne of Hags.
  • Ko’viel thought of his friend, Thormar.
  • Bruce thought of the angel Isiant, the first entity to knock Bruce to near death (with the first thoughts trailing to Agri Eon).
  • Drukkor remembered Reckless, the Reckless Dragon of the Wives of Summer.
  • Gar recalled Aristern Fern and his biomechanical form, Nerf Naristar.
  • Breadgar remembered Rigor, the litch who captured the souls of various allies.

The group entered an area of farmland powered by an obsidian vein connected to the central Boullini spire. The area was called the Sunsteal Farms. The group approached a dwarf woman named Samantha who criticized the groups approach. She knew who the group was and said that the defeat of Tulamire would jeopardise the dwarvish colonies in the under dark including the tenth district. As they conversed with Samantha, Tulamire would butt in and his own comments about how he sees what everyone wants. Samantha alluded to a story of the old dwarves in their history not supporting the commoners.

As the group attempted to leave, a dwarf attempted to block a make-shift tunnel into the next area. The dwarf who was identified as Dunman, was unmoveable to Gar and Bruce. So Avon suggested he smack his face into the dirt.

The group then moved into a cold storage type of facility as they saw their breath. Tulamire claimed he kept the denizens satisfied by making the underground districts want more. The door to the other side of the cold storage was closed. Ko’viel opened it using the doorknob.

Moving through this cold storage, the group then came across a dwarven stone village where the nobles of old Boullini used to live – though the houses were small even for dwarves. Drukkor inspected a house seeing the burnt stone. Amongst the village were small beholder creatures, gazers, that seemed to ignore the group and bounce between everything. Tulamire announced these gazers were spawned from his infinite dreams he had, lesser versions of himself. The group also saw a well with corpses in it.

The group moved to the end of an area, which Tulamire called the Ecto Field. Souls of dwarves he had killed in his original summoning were roaming around a battle ground. The group made a juvenile joke about doodles and they heard a giggle in the crowd. A ghost of a dwarven boy came to Gar and extended his hand. The group followed closely as the boy guided the group through the field as the boy seemed to protect them from the other ghosts. He said that his home was attacked by the many eyed creature a long, long time ago.

After being guided, Tulamire taunted the group as a fork in the road appeared; one way leading to a Throne Room while another lead to a catacombs.

The group decided on the Throne room. As they climbed the massive dwarven stair case and entered the throne room, a familiar person was sitting on the principal chair. A high-elf woman in all-white armour shrouded by eyes, Prospera, Headmistress of the Amerea University. She cited her grievances with the group over the course of their adventures, but did not repeat them as she announced this was an act of vengeance on behalf of the Amerea University and never choosing to support Prospera. Among the shadows, they heard a voice call out. The voice belonged to a halfling man named Dandrice Briars, father of Candi Briars, the little werewolf girl that worked with Aristern Fern. Dandrice Briars was the father trying to find his daughter when the group met Lt. Jenni for the first time and they stopped him from finding where his daughter was. He revealed his daughter had died the night he saved her from Aristern’s cult.

Prospera took the first opportunity to cast meteor swarm which was quickly counterspelled by Avon. As the fight raged, Dandrice ducked in the shadows across stabbing Breadgar. Bruce and Gar ran up the many stairs but Prospera dispersed the two and created a wall of force. Breadgar and Ko’viel flung spells arcing across the forcefield while Avon dominated Dandrice to attack Prospera. Prospera created a hurricane as Drukkor, Gar and Bruce collapsed on her. Gar was swept up in the air while the other two stood their ground. Prospera begged Tulamire to free Dandrice from Avon’s grasp but Tulamire did not respond. As they swung and brought the Headmistress to head, she surrendered but this quickly turned into a lie as she snapped her staff and fell through a portal that showed a vast ocean behind her.

The group then tied Dandrice up, as Tulamire taunted them not to kill them and a debate sprung up due to loose ends. Leaving the unconscious halfling, the group went through the throne room and found a hallway with doors and rooms. The rooms were all styled to the likings and familiarities of milf money, including rooms for Logos, Artemis, Phenrir, O’carrick and Arthur Edridge. The group chose to short rest in there, as they felt like they were being watched still with the threat of an attack omnipresent but Tulamire assured that they wouldn’t be attacked.

The group walked along these quaters to an area that had gazers roaming about. Each gazer had a unique pattern on their head. Tulamire announced to the group that if the Gazers were lined in order, a door would reveal and open – they were based off history and saga of Milf Money. The group initially got all but one of the order correct. But then the group lined them up after reflecting on their journey in the order of:

  • Gazer with devil like wings and flame
  • Gazer with Illiam symbol
  • Gazer with mechanical modifications
  • Gazer with that has a mountain village of small ant people on their head
  • Gazer with elements swirling around them
  • Gazer with blue flames around them
  • Gazer with fairy wing and glow

Tulamire announced that he had full control over the door anyway, and opened. The door unlocked revealing another room with a giant spinning mechanism with glass balls attached to the end of prongs swirling around. These glass balls looked similar to that of the backstory machine, an item that used to reside in milf money mansion that Drukkor would frequent. As the group stared, the centre of the machine illuminated showing different worlds or realities of what could have been and what they could have become. In this vision presented they saw:

  • A young Gar be approached by Princess Titania and The One in the Weald, saving him from The Sleepless Jungle.
  • Bruce, illuminated by holy and clerical magic markings of Illiam, joined by Rabernica and the Angel Natalthia during the Illiam takeover.
  • Cimbrics surrounding a half-elf person fleeing a town they had just attacked, as Ko’viel approached announced as the Cimbric.
  • Breadgar, living his normal Boullini life but his home is attacked by The New Frontier as he starts a quest for revenge.
  • A distant past in the town of Al’sai, as Avon stands steadfast with the elves, mastering the elements of fire, water, earth and air against an oncoming human invasion.
  • And Finally, a young Drukkor running away from men hunting down the last of the cimbrics as he is adopted by a group of polar bears.

When queried about why he showed the group this, Tulamire answered by saying that he can guide the group to be the best version of themselves. The group past by this giant old backstory machine and entered a hallway to this room with glass boxes, suspended in the air were various people they knew:

  • Brandle (The Librarian, one of the people they could have helped in Balores invasion out of the four attacks, former libariian of the now ruined Great Library of Vellin after the Vellin Accords were enacted – Avon’s fey-wild link-up – presumed dead after Milf Money died as clerics kept trying to revive them, turns out to be alive)
  • Justinian Fare (Leader of Justice and Law)
  • Kapri Fillhorn (Leader of Military) and Nibbles.
  • Aristern Fern  (Current leader of spirituality)
  • Talmain – (The Werebear that made Gar choose between Cicero and Aristern Fern)
  • Tieflings of the Tiefling Alliance (a group previously affiliated with the assassin Taxman)

They saw to the left side of the room a hulking Dwarven centurion that seemed to be connected to a steam valve in stasis. The group had limited time to explore the room as the heard a familiar voice shriek in terror at the end of the room. Johno the Flumph was being held at gunpoint by a nobilitus adjant named Nox at the end of the hall. The group pinned him down, saving Johno, with Tulamire urging the group execute him – much to the nobilitus adjant’s dismay and confusion. The group disobeyed the command and knocked the dwarf out instead.

They continued to a hall way that showed a surround projection of where Tulamire was, by the world mirror, a part of the Boullini spire. Tulamire announced that he could see everything that occurred in the city through The World Mirror knowing everyones needs. He recounted the story that he was summoned by a dwarf adopted by a Dragonborn family named Icor Frostfang, ancestral relative of Robart Frostfang. About 900 years or so ago, Icor had learnt about his origins and the people of the under part of the colonised Boullini and the further underground place now referred to as Old Boullini. Tulamire explained he was summoned to destroy the denizens of the inner palace, and to destroy a creature they were sacrificing creatures to. Tulamire described the creature with an incorporeal form from beyond the blind eternities, a creature called an Eldrazi. Tulamire said when he had killed the creature and recovered he had realized it was not even a leader but a low-lying spawn or minion of far more powerful forces of nature. The group linked this to Gar’s visions of an “angel without wings” touching the Hedrons, Titania’s warning of a war brewing in defence against far realm creatures and Axia’s warning to the group about a referred to in Winter Elf transcripts as “The Promised End”

Tulamire needed the group to submit to his plan. The group considered alliancing with Tulamire, but Tulamire was resolute that he needed to take over the city as he saw the corruption grow rampant and all the problems that had emerged, that this threat that would be upcoming would need a joint effort. However, when Tulamire mentioned that in order to do this, they would need to present Sparky to be eliminated – the group said no. Tulamire lamented over this denial, reflecting that in fact, the group had never been the Saviours of Boullini and that he instead was.

This enraged Tulamire and as a result, he turned hostile, shooting all his beams of energy into the obsidian of The World Mirror. The energy coalesced to the top of the spire morphing into six beams that were identical to the beam that had disintegrated Axia. The world mirror fractured into six sections that revealed 6 different areas revealing allies:

  • Juniper in Garden at the Giaza District offering rations to an elderly man.
  • Pyre helping some nobles run for a side street away from nobility agents.
  • Hala seething in pain as Carl is treating a wound on her leg in the desert.
  • Priscillia and Augustus (a man Breadagar doesn’t recognise) standing watching concerned as the bolts light up the sky from Milf Money Mansion.
  • Bearmy is snuggling scared closer to Martha as they see these large bulbs of fly out across the city and desert.
  • Twain is speaking with Robart as the mosaic illuminates and outside the beams travel and light up the sky.

Tulamire with blue streaks leaving his eyes, turned to the group and announced “Go on, my Milf Money. Be the Saviours of Boullini.”

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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