Session 68 – Myth of Heroes

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Bruce lets off some gas

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Day 6 Cont.:

After modifying the dwarven children’s memories, the gang scouted the 10th District with Gar and Johno observing from a look out. Johno provided some information based on his interactions with the community, which were sparse due to him being a flumph and being casted away. Avon called upon a bat and Gar looked in its eyes, finding a central castle-like structure which was guarded by dwarves and where the nobilitus adjant of the area lived, Rumple Bellwater. The group were meant to find him for two reasons: He can get the group into Tulamire’s inner sanctum (old dwarven palace), and he was allegedly responsible for the death of Xayfee, the ghost drow they met last session.

Over the sending stone, the group gets a message from Pyre (Drukkor’s friend who helped the group after Rabernica) and Garth (psychic Ninja ex-new frontier associate) who communicate the nobles who they liberated in the north want another pyramid of bodies with the nobility agents. Ariel Hardy (leader of entertainment and guilds) chimed in over the stones and said that that another pyramid (the first being Pyramid of New Frontier and second was almost Pyramid of Nobles by the nobility agents) would perpetuate a culture of violence in the city. The only caveat was Garth would need to mind control the population there, but the group decided that was the best route.

The group hugged a crevice wall leading up to the nobiltius adjant building, almost seen by a couple of dwarves as Breadgar and Ko’viel tripped on each other, but Gar’s growl intimidated them away and they went off to alert the guards. The groups came closer to the building and saw the castle was in a mined out-crop with four nobility agents guarding the floor. The gang planned for Bruce to sneak in and Avon to surveil. So Bruce turned into his iconic fart cloud form, snaked up the building, saw the window to the second story were solid glass, went to the floor above and crept in.

In the nobilitus adjant room, he found a blue doppelganger in a cage asleep – a creature they had encountered in early sessions. Bruce snuck up to the nobiltus adjant who was sleeping peaceful, the amulet of eyes on him. Bruce ripped it off, hit the dwarf and busted through the window. Nobility agents around the building fired and followed the fast monk holding their leader hostage. Avon entangled some dwarves, but some were still on Bruces tail as he took bullet wounds.  Bruce dumped rumple with the gang then leading the dwarves away trading it for the bag of holding to look like they were holding something . The dwarves fell for the bait as Bruce stepped with the wind away.

The group proceeded to interrogate Rumple Bellwater, with Gar bonking him for information. Rumple taunted the group telling them they were on limited time, that Kapri Fillhorn had been killed and no matter what they did with him that Tulmaire would revive them. The group found out through their interrogation that a way to get into the Inner Sanctum was when the light of the central tower turns red and for Rumple to call an emergency so the doors of the inner sanctum open for the people. During his spiel, Rumple attempted to teleport away but was halted a number of times.

Ways of creating the illusion of danger were brainstormed. The option the group pursued was opening a large gate to the under dark where monsters of the under dark were. Johno offered to open the gate while the group activated the alarm and then close it shortly after. The group knocked Rumple to 0 hit points and Breadgar spared the dying, keeping him stable until they needed him. Ko’viel was peer pressured to knock rumple out. Before he was knocked out, Rumple criticsed the groups methods and their brutality, saying the peoples lives down here matter and that they were only a myth of being the saviours of Boullini.

The group then prepared to rest, but a voice came over the sending stones. Carl provided an update on the mission to attack the Gnolls before they got to Milf Money Fortress. The attack was successful, but Hala was heavily injured and unconscious, asking if Breadgar any global healing spells (he didn’t). As the group settled and planned to long rest before the big day tomorrow, Juniper communicated on the sending stones and checked in, wishing the group luck and assuring she had things under control in the Giaza district. Breadgar initiated a heroes feast before the night ended. Bruce while on watch slapped Breadgar awake to check on the body of Rumple to ensure he was stable and live.

Day 7:

In the morning, Bruce checked on the sending stone on Hala and Carl identified she was stable. Johno bid farewell to the group heading to the protectors gate. The group passed by the nobilitus adjant building, saw dwarves were inspecting the damage caused yesterday. The group pulled out a badger from the bag of tricks and distracted them as they passed by. The group then made their way to the central lantern of the tenth district, defeating the guard who was reading a book that Avon saw titled “Heroes of Boullini: Volume 1 – A dance with drows”.

There was an panel just outside buried underneath dirt. As the group went in, Bruce went to the top of the tower. Rumple asked genuinely if they were going to kill him – Rumple said that if they spare his life he can talk to the other nobilitus adjants who will be alive afterwards so they don’t come after them after they defeat milf money. The gang lied to Rumple but also told him that they weren’t fans of funny bussiness. Bruce sees Johno and provided the signal. Johno opened the gates, Rumple Bellwater said the command and opened the inner sanctum doors. The panel outside had a creature come out, a horse-mantis creature that pulled a 40ft carriage behind. Rumple said only he could control and the group chose not to take it. Gar gagged Rumple, carried him and ran for the bridge.

Everyone ran towards the doors of the inner sanctum as they started to close since  Johno shut the gate and there was no emergency. On the bridge bullets flew as Gar ran ahead and tossed Rumple into the Great Reminder Pit. Avon rode on onion as Bruce dashed ahead and Ko’viel rode the dragonfly.

As they enter in the inner sanctum the initial area, they see a room destroyed by time and debris with fallen dwarvven statues. A voice echoed all around them, booming from Tulamire ““I knew this day would come soon. And on the 7th day, a new world order was born. Welcome, my saviours of Boullini. My Milf Money”

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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