Session 72 – Take Me With You

Made with Ocean and Land: Morninggale’s First Impressions Previously on Milf$: After the memorial for Gar, the group spent the rest of the day cleaning the damage to MILF Money mansion. Twain summarised the damage to be at least 15,000 worth in gold including the burnt trees, damage with the hole in Petra’s room and stolen items. After… Continue reading Session 72 – Take Me With You

Session 71 – At What Cost For Gar Previously on Milf$: Gar awoke in an outcrop of the sleepless jungle, approached by two bears he recognized. They lick his face and walk past Gar to a stream teaming with fish. Meanwhile, in the Inner Sanctum… He finds out about remaining nobilitus ajant: He ushered out an order to all nobility… Continue reading Session 71 – At What Cost

Session 64 – Into The Eye

Breadgar gets Vored Previously on Milf$: After Alluris created the mighty fortress for shelter, the gang and their allies took comfort in the stone walls as Tulamire’s projection hovered over the city of Boullini.  The next morning, Artemis had shown the group a group of giant eye balls that she had dispatched. Robart said… Continue reading Session 64 – Into The Eye

Session 63 – His Vision of Boullini

Made with The Gang Gets Some Bombshells Previously on Milf$: The Gang saw blue lights being projected into the sky after Robart came to them. He told them that The Infinite Gaze had been behind everything; but before he could explore it more, the blue lights created the shape of a creature with many eye stalks,… Continue reading Session 63 – His Vision of Boullini

Session 62 – The Archul and Boullini Ball

Made with

The Gang play dress up! Previously on Milf$: The gang had been invited by Alonso Harehart (Councillor for Foreign Affairs) and Delilah Viewer (Person from Gar’s home turned Diplomat) to the Boullinian and Archul Ball occurring in the Collenade District in a few weeks. First, the group visited Senna Blane, a stylist in the… Continue reading Session 62 – The Archul and Boullini Ball

Red Line

By Christos Floratos Aghast to the virus spread obtuse like a Goose on a noose, left to flutter melting in summer butter; just a mild cracked windpipe. On the mystic ball; the test cassette. Two red lines are the finish line, for the future has no warranty. Ahem, hack, achoo. Thousands upon thousands. We must… Continue reading Red Line