Session 66 – Descent into Dissidence

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  • The Gang fought against the creature in the water. It used visages/projections of the consciousness of Drukkor and Gar who were on podiums.
  • Ko’viel and Breadgar were struck by the tentacle monster.
  • The gang ended up defeating the tentacle monster.
  • They traversed through the Dwarven Mouth door that welcomed friends in the under dark. After a while of travelling, Ko’viel and Breadgar started to show signs of sickness after being struck with scales, getting a bit scaley.
  • Breadgar decided on a spell and began a hero’s feast for everyone to eat and rejuvenate.
  • The group was in a large cavern that seemed to be outlined by the body of some kind of now deceased collosal creature.
  • Coming to the group was a jellyfish looking dude named Fiblinoque, who said his nick name was Johno. He doesn’t like the name fib because it makes him sound like a liar. The group identified this creature as a Flumph.
  • Johno had been wondering the underdark after being exiled from his colony. Johno offered to help the group in the quest.
  • Arthur Edridge radioed to Breadgar on the sending stones noting he was at the Northern Districts and wanted ther groups opinion on who they should priotise between Kapri Fillhorn, leader of military in the city of Boullini or Kiana Kalesbane, leader of magic in the city.
  • The group was left with this decision, having now done four days into the descent to the inner sanctum, with only three days left and much terrain to cover.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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