Session 67 – Tenth District Bound

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The Spider Rat who Lost their Poop
Previously on Milf$

The group discussed Arthur Edridge’s question: who does he prioritize in saving in his mission in the northern districts where the Archul-Boullini ball occurred. This was between the Halfling Military Leader Kapri Fillhorn or the leader of magic in the city, Kiana Kalesbane. The group chose Kiana Kalesbane.

In their under dark travels, Gar spoke to the recently met Flumph, Fiblionque (nicknamed Johno cause he doesn’t like the name Fib) who knew how to get them to the Tenth District.

The group made camp in a little outcrop cavern from a tunnel they were heading down.

Drukkor inspected poop and found it to belong to rats. However, there was also spider webs in the area. The group then claimed a spider rat who lost their poop was around here somewhere.

Johno wanted to hear stories, but he instead told his stories of the Drow suddenly vanishing one day and how spider drow that used to be spotted in the under dark. This was passed down generation to generation in oral stores in his colony.

While the group were making camp in Ko’viel’s tiny hut and Bruce was on watch, he heard a woman crying down the tunnel they were meant to go down. Bruce woke up Gar, Gar called out and then the crying stopped. The two went down the path but saw nothing and then went back to sleep.

Day 5

The group awoke and kept on walking down that same tunnel. They came across the crying woman ahead of them around a corner. Ko’viel approached the area after the woman disappeared and casted identify magic, finding out the crying and magical remnants of the woman was a necrotic magic. The woman then appeared in front of the group, telling the group she wants them to exact justice. The woman explained she is a drow (a race once thought extinct from the continent) but she was currently undead due to her beliefs in her deity. Her name was Xayfee and those of the under dark call her the witch of the hollow. She claimed a man named Rumple Bellwater (the nobilitus adjant/leader of the place they were being guided to, the Tenth District) had killed her to keep the myth that the drow were extinct going, for unknown reasons (probably to do with Tulamire).

Xayfee offered to show the group the way, taking over Johno’s guide. She lead the group down a mine where Duregar were mining ores, who hated being disturbed. The group did some shenanigans as they interrupted the Duregar in their mining asking them what they were mining.

After the duergar, Carl radioed through the sending stones asking about their and Hala’s plan. A gnoll mini-army was spotted on the way to milf money fortress. Hala wanted to go an intercept, Carl wanted to stay and barricade. The group decided to go with Hala’s plan and the duo headed out. Bruce gave her the green light.

The group came across a large watery pit with the skeleton of a long deceased creature in the water, where Xayfee said she died. She told the group this is where she would depart but to bring justice to her by throwing Rumple into a pitt (same thing as Rumple did, as a metaphor).

Day 6

Johno continues to lead the group after they crossed the water, eventually pushing through a web. The group noticed a spider in their vicinity that watched eerily. they inspected a corpse which was burnt in the inside of this webbed cocoon. The spider opened its eyes and fangs with magma like flames from its fangs as it crawled around the room. The group passed this spider coming to an empty mining quarry with depleted ore veins and mine tunnels. The group heard some yelling up ahead and saw some dwarven children being attacked by these fire spiders.

As the kids yell, Avon cast animal friendship on a spider, Drukkor teleported to the child who was running away, Bruce and Gar collapsed on the spider with Ko’viel trying to hold it in place. The gang swiftly defeated the spider, brought the child over and Avon cast modify memories on the children to make them forget they were saved by milf money.

Johno guides them to the end of the mine where they overlook The Tenth District. Before they get underway, Arthur Edirdge reported back that they were successful at recovering Kiana Kalesbane but were unable to locate Kapri Fillhorn. Breadgar sent a sending but it was not received.

The group laid low to prepare to traverse through District 10 to make their way to Tulamire’s inner sanctum, the old dwarven palace of Old Bouillini.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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