Session 70 – The Ceaseless Nightmare

Made with Previously on Milf$: I can excuse homicidal rage, but I draw the line at Sparky His Infinite Gaze The gang gazed on as Tulamire focused all his eye rays at the central obsidian spire. It traveled upwards and became heat seeking missiles, travelling to allies of Milf Money as The World Mirror fractured into… Continue reading Session 70 – The Ceaseless Nightmare

Presenting Themes in Dungeons and Dragons

One of my favourite things to do in Dungeons and Dragons is to imbue my homebrew world with real-world parallels. For example, the backstory to my continent of Illiam is that it was invaded by humans a long-time ago who basically colonised the continent. Hundreds of years later, the other races got sick and tired… Continue reading Presenting Themes in Dungeons and Dragons