DnD – Session 50 – The New Frontier


Session 50 – The New Frontier

The gang gets hit by a meteor

Previously on MILF$

“I’d want a meteor to take me out too if I was called Shurikan” – Avon

Session 50 was spread over 3, 3- 4 hour sessions.

The gang had been invited to the Amerea Magic University by Prospera on the bequest of the Head Master, Prospera. Upon arrival, dodging the receptionist, Avon traversed the tower whispering in her ear, panicking the Powerful Wizard. When Avon revealed that there was meant to be a meeting, Prospera denied sending an invitation, citing that she was told under strict orders not to engage Milf Money.

When that was revealed, blue flames, signature branding of the new frontier, lit up around the walls of the district and throughout. Upon that mark signalled the new frontier, Prospera cast a spell of immense power, shaking the earth. A dome sprung around the district, blocking off incoming New Frontier Members and trapping everyone within the district. Prospera advised of a vault she was going to, but Avon heard a voice that urged the group to go towards the group to the Garden of Eternity that Brandle (one of the four options to assist in the battle against Balore, Head Libarian of the Library of Amera and former Head libarian at the Great Library of Vellin) and himself had visited.

The group choose Avon’s directions. They were caught out on the way by a bulette riding group of mages, along with New Frontier mages that had faced at the Hellenic compound. In the sky, they could see large blue flames wrap around the dome, with the leader of the Neh Wes Lionares, Jaunt the Havoc attempting to break through the dome. After a battle, Milf Money came out victorious and was traversed through a back way through residential and mercantile buildings of the district, assisting a woman along the way. When the group came to a place closer, they saw Brandle with his side burnt and singed.

Coming next to him was a member of the Cimbric who was a victim of the brainwashing by The New Frontier, Shurikan, Drukkor’s rival. Soon after hovered down a weakened Rigor Merios, the litch defeated only a few sessions ago, proclaiming himself as “the mouth piece of the Havoc”. A bolt of lightning struck the ground and appearing was Ko’viel’s former close friend, Thormar, vexed about their time spent in the magical prison for those affiliated with the new frontier. Stepping behind them, reluctantly, was the former orc Leader of the Hellenics, Agri Eon, who apologised to Milf Money, under a similar effect that Gerald (former servant of milf money) was under. Popping out of thin air with a trail of black and blue flowers, Callen, the Fey Hunter a part of the Sylvan Combine and who previously hunted Avon, appeared claiming that Avon was his to take out.

Brandle made eye contact with Avon and other members of Milf money before striking his staff down on the ground, sending out a pulsive wave of energy, flipping Rigor into the sky, and disturbing the other members, giving a chance for Milf Money to run. But they ran towards the garden, and Agri Eon did not take advantage of their escape. Throughout the chase, Agri Eon attempted to pull his punches while the other adversaries attempted to damage the group. Eventually they got the Garden, Agri Eon summoned a wall of stone and was knocked out by Thormar.

The group then had the opportunity to recuperate for a second, trying to figure out where to go, finding a black diamond. But soon, Thormar broke down a wall, staring the last fight between them. Agri Eon was on the floor, smoke coming from his back.

After a long battle, Jaunt, the Havoc, broke through the dome at the top sending arcane shards down that evaporated and turned to dust as they fell down. Jaunt came closer and closer, before hurdling a meteor down at the group, breaking the foliage and bush to reveal a woman in a glowing white aura. Soon, each member of Milf Money accepted the embrace of the white glow. Drukkor was sent, with a shroud of darkness being left behind. Breadgar was taken, with the ground being burnt with the mark of Illiam the windmill. Gar was taken with a bunch of fur being left behind, Bruce with some of their avatar magic. Ko’viel and Avon seemed unaffected.

They all fell to a deep sleep, awakening on a field of blue and purple flowers, with one stone tablet in front of them, that had the name “Avon” inscribed on it. It seemed to be a bright day. They could see people move in the distance and as they investigated the distance, they figured out the background was just a wall that did not extend. As they explored the outer edges of this wall, a door opened within it. Stepping out was a tall wintery Elf, a winter eladrin that introduced themselves as Killian of the Stage. The roof opened up, revealing a cold sky above, revealing a ivory spire in the distance. Killian revealed the queen of air and darkness was waiting for them.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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