With Comfort and Ease (Poem)

By Christos Floratos Website Version Here   How can you tell a gymnast to be careful? Why, anything but danger would be a little dull. Scamper up the rope, dribble the pole.   Feet ahead; toes curled ready for embrace               (against the dirt blue). Performance is our virtue; love is what they grimace.  … Continue reading With Comfort and Ease (Poem)

Deity – What the Heck am I Rambling About? #8

we breakdown ‘Deity’, the 8th poem of the Autumn, That Bastard poetry collection. ‘Deity’ ponders not ‘who made the universe’ but rather, ‘who made me’. This is poem is in the Autumn that is the construction of my beliefs, values and my spiritual identity.

What The Heck am I Rambling About? #4 – For James

Happy Belated Valentines Day to you all! In this ‘What The Heck Am I Rambling About?’ I discuss the fourth poem in the ‘Autumn, That Bastard’ poetry collection titled, ‘For James’. Hint: it’s a love poem. Check it out here before going on a head to get a better understanding of what I am about… Continue reading What The Heck am I Rambling About? #4 – For James