Session 54 – A Childhood Robbed, A Life-time of Power

The Gang Get Reckless

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After speaking with the visage of Titania, the Gang saw the tower where Avant was located. The group came to an ornate beautiful white tower where Avant acted as the lookout. Avant questioned if the group remembered him, saying that he knows their faces but doesn’t remember them. Avant was the child stolen in Skimberi early on in the gang’s adventures, who has now become “The Warrior of Summer”.  While at the tower, a strong beam of energy burst from where the group had just come from. Avant said that was Adara’s magic, as she was a concentrated version of the Queen of Night and Magic’s power, the central ivory tower within the winter court. Avant provided a guide to the summer straight chasm to get an island named Sal Al, a floating island held up by roots. He informed telling the group that they needed the Hearthstone of Sal Al. One of which resided with a coven of named the Wives of Summer who had the valley guarded by a dragon named Reckless.

The group departed and after several long rests, came to the entrance way meeting a Goblin named BoboNash, son of Gilbert and Janie. Bobo had been trapped in the few wild for a long time, trapped there since his boat capsized in the material plane and a witch offered him sanctuary underwater, leading them to this world. Bobo has aged significantly here but the gang did not initially trust them. Bobo revealed that a good way to hide against the dragon was by using mushrooms and dirt, which Bobo guided and Drukkor painted the group as.

As they traversed to the wives of summer, the group quickly came across Reckless, The Reckless Dragon who tumbled their way down from the sky and destroy much vegetation as they descended looking for the group, twice. On the second time, Breadgar attempted to reason with the dragon. Initially repulsed by the Dragonborn’s appearance, Reckless walked with Breadgar explaining that they guarded the valley and it was not appropriate for them to be there (the rest of the group hid).

Drukkor followed closely behind. Eventually, Reckless offered to take Breadgar with them, as the Wives of Summer could “make you like me”, insinuating the Wives of Summer had turned Dragonborns into dragons. Drukkor threw a dagger, which caused Reckless to be distracted, disintegrating vegetation. Breadgar turned invisible. However, Drukkor fell on his back and now was being talked to by Reckless. Reckless also invited Drukkor to come with them but Drukkor tricked reckless saying that they would follow him.

They all regrouped towards the Wives of Summers place, a cold, dank, wet and moist place smelling of sea salt and littered with rotting fish. The group came across an old cottage, and investigated the outside, seeing two old women staring blanky in a bed and in a chair. The Hearthstone of Sal Al was in the cabinet. The group devised a plan, sending in Drukkor disguised as a girl (?) with cookies. The witch however spotted and saw through the façade, initiating combat by instantly pulling Drukkor into the house.  Bruce, Gar and Breadgar jumped into the building, Ko’viel drew the wardrobe to them and another witched presented themselves on the field. The witches combined into a terrible coven monstrosity, a witch of 3 heads with a stomach of Dragonborn babies poking out. Avon readied for Reckless who was returning from a far.

After a long battle, with one dying very quickly and Reckless recklessly tumbling into the house. After destroying all of the witches, and retrieving the Hearthstone of Sal Al, Reckless called it quits and said that the wives of summer will come back as they are ancient fey spirits but Reckless was a “one and done situation.” Reckless then proceeded to follow the group with the Hearthstone of Sal Al to the island.

When they reached the end, the gang organised how they would fly up the island using Onion, the Humming bird, polymorph and fly. The group ascended the floating island held up by roots and the reason they needed the Hearthstone of Sal Al became apparent. Reckless followed after the group but the island attacked it, piercing the dragon with roots, lugging rocks at it and subsuming it into- the Island. However, Reckless broke free.

When the gang got to the top, they came across a cold place with fresh snow. They came across a carriage that Avon investigated and Gar saw a tuff of white hair, akin to that of a polar bear, similar to the Winter Court’s “The one in the fjord”.

A mist started to descend across the party as they heard Killian of the Stage echo through the forest the story of Avon. He revealed that Avon was a result of Titania taking children during the humans colonisation of the continent, saying that Avon experienced a significant. He revealed Avon was a product of an event across Illiam, about 1400 years ago called “The Summer Kidnap” where children were stolen across various communities in Illiam. Killian reminded the group of their own experiences of losing moments of their life, but Avon was unphased.

While Killian affirmed that Avon’s child hood was robbed, Avon retorted “A Childhood robbed for a life time of power.” 

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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