Session 55 – A Summertime Reunion

A Heart-attack a Day keeps the Fey Wild Away

Previously on Milf$:

The Gang had just gotten on top of the summery floating island of Sal Al to find it covered in a sleet of snow with the voice of Killian of the Stage projecting through the forest. They walked through the forest, covered in a layer of snow that was ill-fitting for these bright trees. The gang stumbled upon a mound of blue and purple flowers, with the head of the owl, The One in The Weald.

The one in the weald informed the group that Killian of the Stage and The One in the Fjord where up ahead in the town of Sal Al and Killian was blocking use of the portal. The gang stayed within in 30ft of each other as to not be rejected by the island as they investigated the town through the eyes of a boar. In the town, the area was covered in a thick snow reducing vision and the cold being hard to manage.

The group ran towards a central area before their steps were caught out be a coven of witches, one of which Drukkor easily dispatched. Through the thick snow sleet, the eyes of the one in the fjord locked eyes on the group and the covens of witches attack the group. During the battle, Killian of the stage hid in the town casting illusions which damaged the psyche of the gang while they easily dispatched of the witches. The one in the fjord was eventually taken down, returning to its normal size, Killian was found and squeezed the heart of skeleton within a tomb stone which triggered Avon. The group taking heavy hits with Ko’viel down, Bruce down, Drukkor down and Breadgar down at some stage managed to defeat the Winter Courts. Avon placed the head of the One in the weald next to its body, as it began to heal itself with Breadgar’s help. Avon shed a single tear as the portal, a simple sylvan archway, was ready for the group to wander through.

As the gang travelled through this portal ways, they heard voices from allies who were in a desperate search for milf money, including Juniper, Phenrir, Seraph Unella, Kiana and various others. The final voice they heard was a voice panicking that they could not be found.

The party eventually walked through a grove next to a broken and withered tombstone in the town of Alasai in the southernmost part of the continent. Breadgar, Gar and Drukkor remember nothing from the fey wild. Koviel and Bruce remember very small bits, like a distant dream in their child good. Avon remember more, but still not everything. They were guided by a gravekeeper there to a tavern and rested for the night. Bobo Nash found the party in the morning as Ko’viel had a existential crisis about where they were. The group put bobo nash in the  bag of holding, as Avon assured the group that they would tell the tale of what happened at some point in the future. Breadgar attempted to communicate with Kiana and Juniper but the messaging system did not work. Breadgar teleported the group to their homestead, but instead of appearing at the shrine they appeared on the outskirts of the city in the desert. After stepping towards the city, a portal opened and coming out was Robart Frostfang, and Garth, the psiychic ninja that assisted Ko’viel.

They teleported the group to the Aleo district (with the Hedron) and showed the group a massive pyramid of bodies of The New Frontier that had been placed there. Robart explains that after they left and were presumed dead, nobility agents were commanded to search for the new frontier members across the city and their body was brought their. Guilds also participated in the quest for it to gather them. Amongst the mound of bodies, that were locked in state of decay and restoration as a cycle was Callen the fey hunter, Rigor the Rising’s Litch, Agri Eon the former Hellenic who actually helped save the group towards the end, the psycho rangers previously fought who countered their abilities and at towards the top of the pyramid was Thormar, Ko’viel’s former friend. Robart explained that Tulamire, The Infinite Gaze, had mobilised the nobility agents to act on his behalf to destroy the new frontier for unkown reasons.

Ko’viel demanded to be taken back to milf money mansion and the group were instantly transported there. Robart and Garth departed.

When arrived, the gates were clean silver with steel plating of M.M on the entrance way. Slithering out of small sentry guard tower was Snek, soon followed by Artemis. The group then came across Twain – soon figuring out that those who died in the attack by the new frontier had been successfully revived by Juniper. Juniper came down, half-asleep speechless at the group’s presence. She set up some coffee and explained that after the group left, Phenrir and herself acted to bring back the members and attempted to bring back the group, while also keeping stability in the city as “New Milf Money”. Juniper explains they helped with the new milf money members and mercenaries have contributed to the pyramid of bodies in Boullini.

New Milf Money members have included (and other various mercenaries):

  • Junniper
  • Phenrir
  • Artemis and Snek
  • Carl
  • Emmanuuyel
  • Sparky
  • Logos
  • Okin
  • Pyre
  • Malvodo
  • Morris (Werebear)
  • O’Carrick (for a short-time, but was working for Gouregious Fern)

Juniper used the group to solve other problems that emerged in the city (a one-shot idea @emily @christos ?)

Those who were revived by Juniper were:

  • Artemis
  • Twain
  • Pyre
  • Rakshun
  • Okin

Those revived by Nobility Agents:

  • Priscilla, who told Breadgar not to trust nobility agents

A summarised update to milf money mansion:

  • Rai and Martha have started a stall to generate passive income.
  • A new sentry tower for Artemis has been built.
  • The gazebo has been finished for Breadgar.
  • Emmanuel is now the size of a medium sized humanoid
  • Phenrir has left on quest to finish “their family”.
  • Twain and Priscilla have been maintain the “books” for milf money.
  • Teysa Karlov of the Orzhov Bank has helped with the rebuild.

The group rested with Bobo Nash settling into the new home. In a few days, their emergence will get them summoned by Justinian Fare to the Illiam League.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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