Session 58 – A Summer That Will Last Forever

Avon kinda sus though?

Previously MILF$:

The session started with a recap over the last month.

  • Drukkor visited the Cimbric base who had mostly played for the last almost 2 years.
  • Bruce and Hala discussed the cimbrics, and their disappearance caused great disruption as Tabrant (cambric tabaxi enforcer came to view)
  • Ko’viel convinced Juniper to go on another
  • Gar continued to provide funds to Marth and spoke with Teysa Karlov regarding financial opportunities.
  • Avon continued to spread the seeds of summer

The duo of Drukkor and Bruce once again pulled another prank, this time landing, again, on Gar. The prank was to put permanent marker of various drawings on their face, including with word “Gar-lilah” on their forehead. Drukkor snuck in, Bruce gave Bearmy a piece of the stone tablet of Avon’s grave and left swiftly as the night.

The MoonLit King

As The Gang descended to the base of the Boullinian spire where an Sylvan man in noble finery paced back and forth on a rock. In the foreground, was an ethereal portal with mystical lights. The man was paranoid, suspicious and kept looking to the shadows for comfort, insiting the group was not meant to be here. He introduced himself as the Moonlit King, who Avon recognised as a powerful archfey, estranged husband of the Queen of Night and Magic of the moonlit tower.

The moonlit king fought by ducking across the map, forcing the group to chase and use range spells mixed with a piercing shadow, bringing the group low on health, forcing Bruce to create a dirt wall cover against the barrage. Eventually, The Moonlit King came down to their level to deliver a strong blow but was put down by Ko’viel who thunderwaved them into the Dwaren Debris, piercing the king and having them fade back in to the feywild.

As the group prepared to rest, a Sylvan woman gracefully descended from the Ivory/Obsidian Tower. Drukkor and Avon could recognize who they were

You should have Told them sooner

Adara, Borne of Hags, Avon’s friend who saved him from the fey wild attempted to draw and convince Avon away, mentioning overthrowing the courts of the feywild, the Qujeen of night and magic, the Queen of Air and Darkness and Princess Titania. The catch however, was that Milf Money needed to be dispatched of. With that, Avon could not comply. Adara mentioned another failed Fey project like Adara and Avon, one the queen of air and darkness of the winter court tried to make, someone named Akberry.

When Avon refused, two Moon Giants, servants of the Queen of Night and Magic of the Ivory Tower revealed themselves. After some de-escalation, the situation escalated as Adara and Avon both realized they would not be able to convince the other. Adara slung their magic, drawing power from the Ivory tower along with the moon giants. Adara displaced the group, turned them all into rabbits and casted a barrage of moon powered spells, using the giants to mercilessly attack Milf money and to haul Avon into the fey wild when down.

As Drukkor was stuck in the middle of two Giants, they were downed as a moon bolt from Adara crashed into his chest, killing him. Her final words to him were “You should have told them sooner”. The fight continued with Adara soon being defeated, disappearing into the fey wild.

A Summer that will last forever

Swiftly, the group returned to Milf Money Mansion as the moon lit tower disappeared. Drukkor, lifeless, was taken to the gazebo Breadgar had constructed where they preformed a funeral rites with the intent of reviving Drukkor. As everyone drifted to sleep for the next morning, Axia the female nobility agent appeared and observed the process of revivification on Drukkor, awakening to a shocked Pyre and co.

At the same time, Avon received a message from Titania saying all their work had been leading up to this, a summer that will last forever. At the same time, Okin approached Ko’viel saying Petra was gone missing. With strong suspicions, the group questioned Avon, growing more and more suspicious of the fey wild. The group were also called by Justinian and Kiana to discuss an emergency. Kiana revealed that 100s if not up to a thousand children from across Boullini had gone missing overnight, with multiple reports from various guards and districts. The group then teleported back home to consult with Drukkor who was recovering in bed.

Justinian wanted to keep the disappearance under wraps, as they had a big meeting with the other super power of the continent, the Archul Dominion, coming up and it would not look good if this got out publicly. Kiana however feels they should put some resources into finding what happened, with the group speaking about their encounter with the fey wild. An idea was to go to Amerea University where Avon had a connection to the fey wild, but their ban hindered the group from pursuing this route. The gang finish the chat with Kiana and Justinian in the Sunder Arms Lodge, not coming to a conclusion except for Justinian’s decree.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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