Session 59 – A Conspiracy Brewing

The Gang Hates Fake News!

Previously on Milf$:

The gang had just finished speaking with Justinian Fare and Kiana Kalesbane who gave them a decision about how to pursue the missing children link, with Justinian wanting to forget about it and Kiana wanting to pursue it. The group thought about ways they could find Petra and the missing children. Meanwhile, Avon was still holding onto a decision about Petra with Titania.

Ko’viel was whisked away by Kiana to talk about undisclosed business, and Breadgar prepared with Justinian over the week.
The gang visited the Hedron district. Using the combined strength of Bruce and Gar, Gar jumped to the Hedron floating solitary in the middle f the district and saw flashes of a creature, what he previously described as “the angel without wings”. This time he described a black shadow figure fly over head with a woman swirling with blood/red energy in their hand. The gang guided Gar home, who suffered similar affects to when he first touched the Hedron, becoming mute. They put Gar to bed and the next day Axia came to visit.

Axia cured Gar. The group asked if they know anything about the creature Gar saw, and after figuring out what they might be speaking about, Axia revealed that in the Dwarvish language once referred to the being as “The Great Invader”. Axia left them with a titbit of information that the Boullinian Herald, the rising news paper agency of the city was planning on printing defamatory stories and it would be in there interest, and Justinian Fare’s interest.

The gang then travelled to the Boullinian Herald in the Factory District in Eastern Boullini and plotted to take them down. Avon and Drukkor scoured the front facing area with reporters and more middle-income earners while Bruce and Gar went to plot a strike with the workers making the paper and the ink.

Avon and Drukkor dressed up in a disguise and infiltrated the reporters, seeing a board covered in milf money defamatory stories such as “Gar X Delilah X Bruce?” and stories against their return. They snuck in to get Amanda Blines signature, lead reporter of the Boullinian Herald. Bruce and Gar spoke to some workers, becoming the originators of a strike with Brett and Tedd, noting the race distinctions between the reporters and printers. The group then took a thopter to the Entrepreneurial District where Drukkor forged and planted fake evidence of Amanda Bline being shady in the Norther Sun’s office.

The group refused to pay for a hotel room and went back home, citing they had no money. Over the next few days, Jasmine Frelo former commander of Artemis and friend, visited Milf Money on official business about nobility agents. The gang refused to speak and Jasmine left empty handed.

When Jasmine left the compound, the group dispersed but a loud explosion came from the Control Quarters district. When the group arrived they saw a Thopter on fire and destroyed, with a heavily burnt Jasmine Frelo in the seat. Gar rushed into save them, and Avon received a message to stop interfering from an unknown source.

As members of the Boullinian Military arrived, so did a carriage led by a dwarf who offered to take Jasmine Frelo to safety. The group estimated this was a nobility agent and still gave Jasmine Frelo to them. They arrived back at the base of Milf Money Mansion, finding the words Tulathee Sinompa etched into the sand.

By Christos

I’ve been writing and thinking of stories since I started playing with toys, telling myself wondrous tales with ill-fitting figurines and using my books to represent houses and buildings my characters would explore. Naturally, I have been drawn to social work because I am interested in listening to peoples stories and exploring their identity.

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