Toast’s Update – Shortlisted, Fundraiser and Articles!


Cool New Things Happening: Shortlisted for Penguin Random House, Fundraiser in three weekends time, interviewed, Writing Community Newsletter 1st issue published and more!

Deity – What the Heck am I Rambling About? #8

we breakdown ‘Deity’, the 8th poem of the Autumn, That Bastard poetry collection. ‘Deity’ ponders not ‘who made the universe’ but rather, ‘who made me’. This is poem is in the Autumn that is the construction of my beliefs, values and my spiritual identity.

Pen2paper Fundraiser Challenge! Donate to Help Young Voices!

Hey friends! I’m a part of a fundraiser challenge called ‘Pen2Paper’ where I will be writing 6 poems over one really wordy weekend in May to support marginalised kids aged 7 – 17 to get the support to open up their voices for the Story Factory! I would love if you are able to donate and spread this around on your social medias!

There, We’re Whispers – What the Heck am I Rambling about? #7

There, We’re Whispers’ is the first poem I wrote in the ‘Autumn, That Bastard’ poetry collection. Originally titled “There Were Whispers” I revamped and remodelled it to focus on place rather than time. With that said, this type of poem I am more interested in what my readers perceive of it.